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Industry Data

Complete Market Visibility with Industry Reports.

Access complete market visibility within the student housing industry.

Our robust database provides transparency at a national scale.

College House provides benchmarks on how to better analyze performance at scale.

Understand where new inventory is being delivered and where developers are finding opportunities.

Graph demonstration of the average rates throughout the year. Goes by month by month and compares to previous year.
Graph demonstration occupancy percentage trends. Goes by month by month and compares to previous year.
Bar graph demonstration of pipeline beds by region. Compares by lease up, under construction, and planned.
Development Data

Monitor Full Market Inventory of Development Projects.

Stay ahead of the curve and monitor full market inventory of development projects in the works.

We track projects through all phases of development.

We stay up to date with all new projects to inform supply and demand changes.

Manage changes in supply and demand in any market.

Market Data

Analyze Market Conditions & Trends.

Examine current student housing market fundamentals and analyze relevant performance trends with national market visibility. Learn more about the market data we track.

Monitor floor-plan pre-leasing and occupancy percentages throughout the academic leasing cycle.

Track rate changes throughout the academic leasing cycle.

College House provides detailed information about rental incentives and discounts, offering property and floor plan specific details.

Use historical student-housing data to analyze growth or decline on critical KPIs and compare the Year-Over-Year performance.

Provides a subset of properties in the shadow market to identify floor plan make-ups, proximity and the price point of those floor plans in an individual market.

Identifies current availability of beds for students, along with how many beds will soon be delivered.

Sample screenshot from web platform showcasing the average rate per bed of $1,257 with a 7.6% YOY.
Sample screenshot from web platform showcasing number of purpose built beds. Shows number of on campus beds.
Sample screenshot from web platform showcasing the current occupancy of 96% with a 11.2% YOY.
Sample screenshot from web platform showcasing the current enrollment in a market of 33,805 with a 2.9% YOY
Sample screenshot from web platform showcasing estimated excess data including full-time enrollment, on-campus-beds, occupied purpose built beds, development pipeline and total.
University Data

Discover University Enrollment Trends.

Visualize the trends and data points you need to know to understand the landscape at universities in any market.

Track enrollment for relevant universities and compare against historical data.

Understand the composition of a university’s student population.

Monitor the student housing supply nationally or regionally.

View current and past tuition costs by university, sort by student status.

Property Data

Access Property & Floor Plan Level Reports.

We get granular so you don't have to. Access property insights right down to the floor level plan.

College House provides the most detailed performance metrics to ensure you get the full picture.

Track off-campus bed supply and rate changes throughout the academic leasing cycle.

College House data features parking options available at properties and additional charges required.

Property overviews include the current property owners and managers.

View data as it is relevant to you and your business. College House prides itself on providing the most accurate and timely information as possible.

We help you take your analysis to the next level to underwrite and price effectively in any market.

Troy Alabama student housing market card. Sample image of the web platform. Includes data about total beds, rate per bed, occupancy, and pre-lease info. Also includes data for total enrollments, on-campus beds and schools tracked.
Screenshot of sample student housing data of rental conditions data. Includes utilities, pets, parking, and parking fee.
Data you can Trust

Data Exports & Historical Data

Receive access to custom reporting upgrades. Learn more about the market data we track.

CSV or PDF Downloads

Download detailed reporting as PDF or CSV for any use.

Weekly Data Transfer

Optimize internal analysis and drive informed decision-making.

Historical Data

Week over Week, Month over Month, Year over Year.


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