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The College House Difference

Actionable Insights at your Fingertips

Drill into property level performance metrics across the largest data set in student housing.

270+ Markets Tracked

React to and anticipate market trends from leasing to occupancy.

3K+ Properties Tracked

Analyze thorough market reports based on extensive property and university data.

1.1M+ Beds Tracked

Access the largest subset of available student housing metrics in the industry.

Web Platform

Advanced Data for Industry Professionals

We understand that each customer segment has unique requirements, and we go the extra mile to enable personalized insights, tailored specifically to their needs.

Screenshot of sample student housing data of a market report. Highlights the concessions by property data. Includes floor plan data, concessions value, and type.

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions in the student housing industry with College House's valuable insights, optimizing property management through rate research, concession selection, and performance comparison.

Screenshot of sample student housing data of a market report. Highlights the occupancy and pre-lease data of a market

Efficiently streamline operations, boost productivity, and achieve occupancy goals by anticipating pre-lease trends, conducting performance comparisons, evaluating assets, and making informed decisions based on College House market data.

Identify opportunities and trends in individual student housing properties by leveraging College House's insights to expedite decision-making, underwrite deals, and effectively communicate with stakeholders.

By utilizing College House's pipeline data, stay ahead of the competition and align your projects with market demands enabling you to make informed decisions and meet the needs of your target market.

Transform your investment strategy in the student housing market with College House's comprehensive data, accessing market information and rate insights for due diligence, strategic decisions, and industry benchmarking.

Attain a competitive advantage with College House's data and analytics, making informed lending decisions, mitigating risk, and maximizing returns while gaining valuable market insights.

Student housing professionals industry key metrics including number of purpose built builds, average rate per bed, current occupancy, and pre-lease occupancy

Gain valuable insights into the health of the student housing industry by monitoring industry key performance indicators.

"I honestly think College House is the most finely tuned tool for student housing"

Listen to first-hand experiences from users who utilize College House on a daily basis. By simplifying processes and attaining notable results, these testimonials emphasize the authentic value that College House brings to the forefront.


Our Customers Love Data You Can Trust

Over the years College House has helped a range of trusted industry leaders leverage data — hear directly from our clients.

College House is a game-changer. It provides great market analysis and is the best and easiest way to quickly understand a market through a data-driven lens.

Ben Rosengart

Director of Acquisitions, L3 Campus

Truly transformational to our business. It's rare that a product is widely embraced by acquisitions personnel as well as asset management and property management teams.

Andrew Layton

CAO, Student Quarters

I can confidently say that if you're not leveraging their comprehensive student housing data platform, you're getting lapped and left behind by your competition.

Jason Fort

EVP, Asset Living

Key Features

Precise, Granular, & Timely Student Housing Data & Insights

Our visual, customizable interface allows our users to react to trends to enhance their property performance and better inform investment decisions.

Floor-Plan Level Details

Enhance decision-making with comprehensive floor-plan info.

Detailed Demographic Data

Gain in-depth insights into student-body demographics.

Timely, Exportable Reports

Access and export reports easily for efficient analysis.

Property Comparison

Compare student housing properties for informed choices.

Development Pipeline

Discover housing expansion avenues for strategic growth.

Industry Insights

Stay informed with data-driven insights on housing trends.

From our Solutions

Web Platform

Unlock your student housing potential with our comprehensive web platform. Gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize growth strategies with advanced analytics and intuitive reports.

Database Explorer

Access historical and real-time College House data effortlessly. Customize your dashboards and reports using our seamless data feed. Experience direct, real-time access to live College House data.


Frequently Asked Questions

College House’s web application is a subscription-based solution. Users can choose to have access to 1 market, a subset of markets or every market available within the College House Web Platform.

College House tracks over 270+ Collegiate Markets across the United States. Search all of our Markets Here.

College House tracks granular and relevant data at the Industry, Market, and Property Levels. These data points include Enrollment Forecasting, Development Data, Floor-Plan Level Pre-Lease and Occupancy, and many other relevant data. Check out our web platform page to learn more.

College House offers valuable insights and data for the student housing industry. Our satisfied customer base includes professionals from various sectors within the real estate industry with an interest in Student Housing such as property managers, brokers, lenders, developers, investors, asset managers, institutional owners, appraisers, consultants, and many more. Our comprehensive data and market insights are designed to assist these professionals in making informed decisions and maximizing their success in the real estate market.

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