Welcome to the College House Partners LLC Security and Privacy Center

At College House Partners LLC, we take your data protection seriously and have implemented stringent measures to ensure its safety and integrity. Here’s how we’re committed to safeguarding your information:

Data Protection and Product Security:

  • Data Privacy: Your trust is our priority. We manage sensitive data with utmost care and responsibility.
  • Infrastructure Security: Our systems are continuously monitored to maintain their integrity. Proactive measures are taken to ensure optimal performance.
  • Organizational Security: We prioritize the safety and integrity of your data. Confidential information is disposed of securely, following best practices.
  • Education: All College House employees receive comprehensive security training upon onboarding.
  • Product Security: Your data’s protection is paramount. We implement measures throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • Internal Security Procedures: Core to our operations, we protect your data and uphold your rights.

College House Partners LLC maintains SOC 2 Compliance

Your security matters to us.

Data At Rest

  • We implement encryption at rest for all datastores containing customer data, as well as S3 buckets. Additionally, sensitive collections and tables utilize row-level encryption. This approach guarantees that data is encrypted from the outset, preventing both physical and logical access to the database from revealing the most sensitive data.

Data in Transit

  • Safeguarding your data while it’s in transit is our top concern. We guarantee protection by using TLS 1.2 or higher across vulnerable networks, reinforced with HSTS for extra security. AWS oversees the management of our server TLS keys and certificates, deploying them via Application Load Balancers.

Secret Management

  • We ensure top-tier protection by managing encryption keys via AWS Key Management System (KMS), stored within Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to prevent unauthorized access.

Penetration Testing

  • All areas of College House Partners LLC products and cloud infrastructure are in-scope for penetration assessments.

Vulnerability Scanning:

  • College House Partners LLC products requires vulnerability scanning at key stages of our secure development lifecycle (SDLC).

Looking to report a security concern? 

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