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College House’s web application is a subscription-based solution. Users can choose to have access to 1 market, a subset of markets or every market available within the College House Web Platform.

College House tracks over 270+ Collegiate Markets across the United States. Search all of our Markets Here.

College House tracks granular and relevant data at the Industry, Market, and Property Levels. These data points include Enrollment Forecasting, Development Data, Floor-Plan Level Pre-Lease and Occupancy, and many other relevant data. Check out our web platform page to learn more.

College House offers valuable insights and data for the student housing industry. Our satisfied customer base includes professionals from various sectors within the real estate industry with an interest in Student Housing such as property managers, brokers, lenders, developers, investors, asset managers, institutional owners, appraisers, consultants, and many more. Our comprehensive data and market insights are designed to assist these professionals in making informed decisions and maximizing their success in the real estate market.

Yes, with our new “Compare Feature” users are able to set a subject property, and add up to 5 comparable properties to monitor relevant performance metrics related to the competitive set. Users can save and edit their comparison views.

Development news and pipeline information is compiled via web scraping and is updated on a continual basis as new information becomes available.

College House’s Enrollment Forecasting feature leverages predictive analytics to project enrollment levels for a period of up to three years into the future. By analyzing historical data, trends, and various factors influencing enrollment, our Predictive Analytics model generates forecasts that assist in strategic decision-making and resource allocation.

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