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    College Living - House vs. Apartment

    PE Classes That Require the Least Effort


    It literally doesn’t get easier than walking. For this class, you just head to your classroom meeting spot and then walk for an hour. Feel free to chat with a friend, scroll through social media- whatever you want, as long as you keep it moving. Don’t completely underestimate it though. Rumor has it that by the end of the semester, the instructor will monitor one day to see if walking regularly has made you capable of running! Ugh, college is hard when so much is expected of you.


    Okay, I know...hiking does not sound easy or low effort. But hear me out- all you do is meet once a week to “prepare for hiking.” We aren’t quite sure what this could be anything from learning what supplies to take, to learning how to avoid straining your body. Maybe you’ll even learn some survival techniques! Who knows, but we do know that the culmination of this class is weekend hiking trip. People who have taken the class say they thought it would be annoying, but that it was actually very rewarding being able to put everything they learned to use.


    This class is perfect for you if you are very self-motivated and can handle not attending a weekly class. For bowling, you just bowl ten games at any bowling alley and have your score printed. You turn your ten sheets in at the end of the semester and that’s it! This class is especially fun if you can find some friends to go with you regularly. But seriously, only take this class if you are going to remember to bowl regularly- you do not want to get stuck bowling ten games in one weekend.

    Weight Training

    We promise it isn’t lifting weights. Do you go to the gym regularly? Do you not go the gym regularly but you want to and need something to hold you accountable? Weight training is the class for you. All you have to do is show up at the gym, check in with your professor, and then do whatever workout you want. No one is forcing you to do anything more than you are comfortable with doing, and you don’t have the pressure of large group workouts. You could even enlist a friend to be a workout buddy- while you both make easy A’s.

    Online Walking

    You might be wondering how this is even a possibility for a PE class. We’re not gonna lie, you have to have some pretty extenuating circumstances to be eligible to take online walking. These might include studying abroad, being in your last semester before you graduate and only being a part-time student, or having some sort of injury. The list goes on! All we’re saying is, if you are planning on taking a PE class soon, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to conveniently sprain your ankle right before if this sounds worth it to you: You don’t meet for class. You just wear a Fitbit or something similar and submit your walking data. Yes, that’s all Online Walking consists of.
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