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    College Living - House vs. Apartment

    CollegeHouse's Spring Break Playlists You Should Be Following

    "Songs You Sing in the Shower"

    This playlist is exactly what it sounds like: songs you can't help but pretend you are the rock star while performing it. All of these songs are crowd favorites that nobody can refuse to sing at karaoke. Now you do not have to be a pop radio songs lover to listen to this music because it has so much diversity from "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson to "All Star" by Smash Mouth. This playlist is bound to appeal to anyone and have them up on their feet dancing.

    "Soak Up the Sun"

    Now there is 8 hours of music added on this playlist and I still find myself putting it on repeat once it finishes. With an alternative and beach vibe, these songs really do allow you to unwind after the stressful midterms you just had. You cannot help but wish you had a piƱa colada in your hand while jamming out Jack Johnson and Two Door Cinema Club.

    "Happy Hits!"

    Having this break and a chance to breathe is pure happiness; that is why this playlist needs to be the soundtrack of your week. There is a lot of upbeat and electronic remixes of classic songs that are wonderful to have playing in the background while finally getting some Spring cleaning done or blaring while getting ready for a fun night out.


    No this is not a music playlist, but who said you have to stop learning over the break? This is a podcast that interviews the creators and composers of the music for your beloved TV shows and films. You get a sneak peek into the imagination of the minds that amp of the best entertainment in United States. Host Xavier Jernigan interviews music supervisors from "This is Us", "Baby Driver" and many, many more. If you are taking a long drive, pop this podcast in and you will enjoy the ride even more.

    "Your Daily Mix" 

    One of the best features of Spotify is "Your Daily Mix" playlist creator. The app keeps tabs on all the music you play and creates specific playlists based on your much loved genres and artists and I must say, they are very spot on. You can find new gems that you have never heard before and even if you are not doing anything for Spring Break, you can spend time finding music and making everyone jealous of your new playlists when they get back.